International Work

Life begins where your comfort zone ends. 

Elizabeth is an avid traveller and loves to work on the road. She started her career working in media development in Sierra Leone, and eventually freelanced her way around East Africa. Since 2012, she has lived in three different countries, reported from seven, and covered news in three Canadian provinces. Her travel blog, Elizabeth Around the World, has a global readership of more than 10,000 people, and chronicles her adventures as a journalist and female traveller.

Ugawood, High Life, Uganda

Getting the scoop on Ugandan cinema. Photo by Thierry Bal.



Elizabeth has witnessed firsthand the effects of media suppression in developing countries. Lack of resources, training, and political co-operation plague reporters all over the world, and since 2012, she has made it part of her mission to contribute to press freedom wherever she can. She maintains her connections with sources and reporters from around the world, and frequently assists with copy-editing, networking, and mentoring.

In Sierra Leone, Elizabeth worked with Search for Common Ground and the Independent Radio Network to build the capacity of local radio stations by strengthening their online presence, offering social media workshops to staff, and developing a corporate strategy to resolve various ethical, technical, and production-related barriers.

Chuka, Kenya, Nairobi, Elizabeth Around the World, Daily Nation

Getting to know the ‘Golden Ladies of Chuka.’

As a recipient of the prestigious Aga Khan Foundation Canada YPM Fellowship, she later worked alongside reporters at Nation Media Group in East Africa as both a peer and mentor, and in 2015, lectured to a class of journalism hopefuls at Moi University in Nairobi about the trials of being an international journalist.

In her own reporting, Elizabeth has covered international development issues extensively and developed a broad network of sources in NGOs, African newsrooms, and more. Today, she is focussed on media development at home in Canada, working with Indigenous journalists in the north with Journalists for Human Rights.

Feel free to contact her with any project or story she may be interested in.

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